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Spring has sprung at Koljander

Now new at Koljander:


Christmas at Koljander! Come over and enjoy a huge variety of amazing home made gifts, crafts, and treats! We have everything you could want, from cute stocking stuffers for the budget-savvy, to exclusive tableware and cutlery! So pop in and have a look 🙂

Fresh, Hot Pastries & Spring Rolls!

A variety of delicious, freshly baked, hot Spring Rolls and Pies available daily in our Pie Warmer.

Halaal Eats & Treats

With three new members doing Halaal baking and cooking, we have products such as frozen meals, samoosas, spring rolls, roti, kebab, chilli bites, half moons, mini subs, etc., as well as different Halaal platters.
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Banting Diet Products

Koljander Home Industry in Melville now has a wonderful range of Banting products – baked as well as pre-mixes.
Get the list in Koljander, which includes:

  • cakes
  • cupcakes
  • biscuits
  • rusks
  • desserts
  • breads

The pre-mixes will make it easy for you to bake yourself: Choc chip cookies; Chocolate brownies; Banana pecan nut muffins; Coconut loaf.There is also a Banting mayonnaise.



It is springtime in Koljander with a focus on all things bright and beautiful, as well as springtime sweets.  We are also excited to present a new product in Koljander – “Sweet Temptations” soft toffees.  Get tempted!Lente is in die lug met ‘n fokus op ‘lekker-lente-lekkers’!  ‘n Nuutjie in Koljander is die heerlike sagte toffies van “Sweet Temptations”.

Valentine’s Day (14 February) – Koljander is your destination for everything sweet and pink or red and heart shaped!  Let us help you surprise that special person in your heart with a unique St. Valentine’s gift.

St. Patrick’s Day (17 March) – Get Bailey’s fudge and shamrock chocolates for your Irish friends.

Easter – Koljander offers traditional as well as uniquely different Easter treats and gifts.

Mothers’ Day – Before the second Sunday of May, when we celebrate all mothers, Koljander will invite you to a special Mothers’ Day treat.

Fathers’ Day – Traditionally we celebrate our fathers with pancakes in Koljander.  Fathers’ Day is on the third Sunday of June, and the day before that is Pancake Day in Koljander!

Koljander’s Birthday Promotion – Somewhere in August or September we celebrate our own birthday.  Koljander was born in 1980, and with our birthday promotion, we say thank-you to our loyal customers who have supported us for so long, and have become friends over the years.

Christmas Promotion – Our Christmas promotion at Koljander runs for the whole of November and December.   We are convinced that you will not find another shop in Johannesburg offering the whole Christmas experience in one place.   Beautiful Christmas music in a setting that offers ranges of unique gifts, traditional Christmas baking, as well as a market of small gifts.  Traditional fare includes Christmas fruit cakes of all shapes and sizes, stollen, mince pies, children’s treats…..

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